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Competition Saddle Fit

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Dynamic Saddles International 

Authorized Representative,

Spectra Therapy Laser Wraps

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USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist 

FEI Rider & Competitor

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Adrienne Wisenberg

Saddle Sales & Consultation

Competition Saddle Fit is the business of Adrienne Wisenberg of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Adrienne is an independent saddle consultant who represents Dynamic Saddles and Spectra Therapy Laser Wraps.

Adrienne is a lifelong rider and show competitor, with nearly 50 years' experience in dressage and the jumping disciplines. As a current FEI-level dressage competitor, and USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist, she understands the demands of working, training, and showing at a high level. Adrienne brings her unique experience as competition rider, and her lifelong study of horse and rider body mechanics, to the field of saddlery. 

Please peruse the pages of this site to learn more about saddle fitting in general, and the services provided by Competition Saddle Fit. Please do not hesitate to contact Adrienne at (443) 418-0912 with questions regarding saddle fitting, or to schedule an appointment.