Saddle Demonstrations & Clinics

Because of my background as a trial and appellate lawyer, I am more than comfortable speaking to large groups. 

My saddle fitting demonstrations and lectures can involve the use of a live horse as a model, or can be a hands-on experience for attendees to learn the basics of saddle fitting. 

I believe that the more educated my customers are about saddle fitting, the better equipped they will be to choose and maintain their saddles correctly. 

If you have a group, large or small, and are interested in a demonstration, please call me to discuss. 

Used Saddle Sales & Consignment

I occasionally have used Dynamic Saddles for sale. Visit my Competition Saddle Fit Facebook page for current listings. 

I also take selected Dynamic saddles on consignment. All of my consignment saddles are in excellent, nearly new condition. I charge 15% commission of the price actually paid for the saddle. 

If you are in the market for a used saddle, or have a used saddle in excellent condition to sell, please give me a call at (832) 570-7234. 

Spectra Therapy Laser Wraps

Adrienne is an authorized representative for Spectra Therapy Laser Wraps. She first discovered these innovative products when she was exploring the best way to address osteoarthritis in her now senior small tour gelding, Vavite Fortuna, who had been diagnosed with mild neck arthritis. With the goal of avoiding injections, Adrienne scoured the internet and found the Spectra Laser Therapy website. She purchased Spectra's neck/body wrap and watched her gelding's neck tension melt away. So taken by his response, Adrienne sent a video of Vavite Fortuna and his neck wrap to Spectra, and the relationship began.

Spectra Therapy Laser Wraps are different--and better--than any other laser products on the market. Lasers are used extensively in veterinary and human medicine. Most high-power laser treatments are done by doctors/vets and are costly, and most cold-lasers, which are sold over the counter, are handheld, so they are inconvenient to use long enough to be effective. Spectra's wearable laser wraps are safe to use; they conveniently and securely wrap around the area to be treated, and run for 6-8 hours! 

Call Adrienne to find out more, and to order with special pricing only available through Spectra reps. (832) 570-7234.


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Vavite Fortuna wearing his Spectra Therapy Laser Wrap (above, left). Adrienne riding Harley at the Carolina Horse Park in 2020 (above, right). 

New Saddle Sales

​Adrienne proudly represents the finest saddle brand in the world--Dynamic Saddles. Read more about this innovative saddle by clicking on the Dynamic Saddles tab above.