When Riley retired from jumping and showing, I decided to try once again to make him a dressage horse. I purchased my first dressage saddle for him, and although his dressage career was short lived due to arthritis, dressage took ahold of me once again.

After 20 plus years of law practice, I broadened my horizons by starting my embroidery company, Pierre Renard Embroidered Designs. The business took off, becoming nearly a full-time commitment. I wasn't necessarily looking for another business opportunity, but happenstance led me to speak to the designer/owner of Trilogy Saddles, Debbie Witty, and she piqued my interest when she told me she needed a fitter in Maryland. It wasn't long before she trained me, and I began representing Trilogy.

In late 2015, I became an independent saddle fitter. When not operating my two businesses, I spend my time riding my Dutch Warmblood gelding Vavite Fortuna, and my Oldenburg mare Shantal Rox, going to horse shows, and enjoying life with my silly dog, Rory, and the best husband on Earth.

Also in 2015, I earned my USDF Bronze and Silver Medals!

In July 2016, we made the leap of relocating to Chapel Hill, North Carolina! I've come to find out that the equine industry is bustling with enthusiastic riders, trainers, shows and events! It is truly horse heaven!

In 2017, I added a new saddle brand to my offerings! I now represent Dynamic Saddles. And thanks to my own Dynamic saddle, I am proud to report that, in the Spring of 2018, I did my first I-2, and my first Grand Prixes (both the Regular and the Special) on Shantal Rox! In January 2019, Shantal Rox and I were awarded the SCDCTA Year End Championship for Grand Prix in the AA Division.

In 2019, I fell in love with Spectra Therapy Laser Wraps, and became an authorized representative for these amazing products! In 2019, I also added Fager Bits to the products I offer my clients!

For my 6th birthday, my Mom finally gave in and let me take riding lessons! I count that as the luckiest day of my life, because my love of horses and horse sports kept me grounded and focused, and in many ways shaped the path of my life. 

I started out riding Saddlebreds in the saddle seat discipline. By age 7, I had my own 3-gaited Saddlebred, Max, and we were heavily into showing. A few years later, I had a non-gaited horse to show as well--Demi (pictured above)--so I could show in the pleasure classes. I excelled in both equitation and pleasure, and the saddle seat discipline definitely taught me what it meant to show…I mean really SHOW…a horse. 

Ironically, during those early years, I don't recall giving any thought to the very flat, minimal saddles we used on the Saddlebreds. There wasn't much to them. Like most kids, I could slip right off and jump back on without a care. Those were the 70s, and a saddle was just something you put on a horse's back to ride. 

It wasn't until I got into dressage, in my late teens, that I realized there was more to a saddle than just putting it on a horse. Money was tight, so I was constantly trying one used saddle after another. Nothing really worked or was comfortable, so I struggled along, not knowing that there was such thing as a professional saddle fitter. 

When I graduated law school in 1989, I was riding an OTTB with a real trainer at a real barn. I decided I could afford a nice saddle, so I bought one, then another, then another. Before long, I had six saddles, none of which worked very well. I also bought another horse…a scrawny OTTB named Riley…and everything took a left turn! Riley disliked dressage but loved to jump, so there I was in my mid-30s, learning to jump on a green OTTB! I added a few jumping saddles to my collection. Along the way, I became a little more educated about what a difference the right saddle could make. Riley (who I still own today), became a wonderfully-successful show hunter, and my ultimate saddle for him was a Butet that was made for him and me! I loved it and it enhanced my riding and his performance. 

Contact Adrienne regarding your saddle needs: 

Voice or Text: (443) 418-0912 Email: CompetitionSF@gmail.com

Adrienne & Shantal Rox at the Region 1 Championships, October 2017 

Photo: High Time Photography

Adrienne & Demitasse Peavine, Circa 1972

Adrienne & Looks Like Riley, Upperville, Virginia 2007

Photo: Christina Handley

Adrienne & Vavite Fortuna at the Kentucky Horse Park, Summer 2015 Photo: Susanne Fischer.

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