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about Dynamic Saddles: 

“I am so incredibly pleased with my new Dynamic saddle, all three of my horses are wearing it and it's made a positive and noticeable difference to all of them. As riders and horse owners we are always striving to do right by our partners and for me, not having to be concerned about their saddle fit and comfort is a major win!”
Ann Womack, Greenville, NC 

"Once you ride in a Dynamic saddle you don’t want to ride in anything else!! Whether you’re an amateur, a young rider or an FEI trainer the saddle just works!"

Judy McCoy Hopwood, FEI Rider/Trainer, Cedar Grove NC

"Finally a saddle that fits my horse and me! I struggled to find a saddle that fit my horse. I tried custom saddles and other high-end saddles that could be flocked to supposedly fit my horse none of them seem to work. She had continuous back pain from all of them. And I felt like I was calling the saddle fitter out every 2 to 3 months to have my saddle readjusted.

Our first ride in the Dynamic saddle made such a difference in the way my horse moved. She could finally move her shoulders! I really love that there are no metal points on the Dynamic saddle and it's cut back so that she has complete movement of her shoulders. The monoflap design gives me close contact and plenty of room for my long legs.

I've been riding in the saddle now for around 3 years and I'm so happy with it! And because of its unique design and ability to conform to your horse, no more costly flocking and refitting of the saddle."

Liz Shaver, Pittsboro NC

"I can't get over the huge difference the right saddle makes, both for me and my horse. It puts me in the right position AND there's nothing that gets in Breezy's way. The Dynamic dressage saddle is worth every penny to never have to buy another saddle because my horse outgrew the tree width." 

Kim Nylander, Durham NC

“My vet remarked the other day on how pleased she was how with my 3 coming 4 year old’s muscling was developing ... what a difference having a horse growing up using a saddle like Dynamic!”
Elizabeth O’Connor, Dragonfly Dressage, St Mary’s, MD

"This saddle is a total game changer. My horse just keeps getting better and better."

​Sandy Toby, Suffolk , VA

“I first rode in a Dynamic Saddle four years ago when Adrienne convinced me to try it. I haven’t looked back since! It is the most comfortable saddle I have ever ridden in and helps the rider’s position without the use of giant and restrictive thigh blocks. I have two horses - one who used to wear a MW tree and the other an XXW. With the Dynamic’s flexible tree, they now both use the same saddle. A Dynamic saddle is 100% worth it for both the rider and the horse!”

Dr. Isel Del Valle, DVM, Raleigh NC

“I just wanted to let you know that the saddle has been amazing! I was looking at a picture of his back from a few months ago and I can really see a difference in the muscling of his back. His withers and spine are less pronounced because of the muscle he has developed across his back and by his withers.... I’m just so impressed with this saddle! I’ve also been riding other horses in it and it is just so amazing how it works on every type of horse!”
Melissa Lempicki, Damascus MD

"The Dynamic is incomparable! In almost every dressage saddle I've tried, I struggle to find a place for my femur amid big blocks that make me feel clausterphobic. The flap and rolls on the Dynamic place my leg in a position that actually encourages stretch through my knee and ankle. The deep seat allows me to engage, lift, and strengthen my core and back. With so much of my current focus going towards improving my own position and biomechanics, it's pivotal to have a saddle that works so well with my body!"

Rebecca Bungert, Durham, NC

“For me, there is no comparison. It is the most comfortable saddle re position and feel of the seat and balance. The tree will shape to the horse's back, so I can use this one saddle on my three riding horses.”

Karen Allred, Chapel Hill NC 

“Being a horse trainer of multiple breeds and body styles of horses, I really liked that I could use the same saddle on every horse I ride. I spent several years looking for the perfect saddle for me. This saddle had all the features I was looking for, and the extra bonus was that I wouldn’t be restricted to using it on only my main competition partner.”
Heather Murphy King, Castle Farm, Knightdale, NC 

“My horse [Belcanto’s Welt] shows much more freedom in his shoulder as well as swing in his back since riding him in the Dynamic. Belcanto’s Welt can be conservative of his back and take a while to warm up but now he freely stretches and relaxes from the start with the Dynamic saddle.” 
Keni Kerin, Keni Kerin Dressage
at Brookside Farm, Fuquay-Varina, NC

“I adore these saddles. I have had 2 horses in my life that refuse to go in any other saddle. Nothing else fits them and allows them to move to fullest ability.”
Kathryn Butt, Charleston SC 

"The Dynamic allows me to simply drop my leg down. My horse has a fairly round rib cage and is a big mover. He tends to move me around a lot in the saddle and before the Dynamic, I struggled a lot in the attempt to sit in my horse. The Dynamic has a narrow twist. It allows me to simply drop my leg without making it an active effort to do so. At the same time, the saddle has a deep comfortable seat that naturally engages my core. It gives me a very anchored and secure feel in the saddle which is really super given that my horse is a super expressive mover."
Claudia Cooper, Durham, NC

“My horse is  more forward in his work having a saddle that doesn’t constrict his movements and a rider whose seat can feel/communicate more effectively. I also love that the saddle just fits.  My last saddle had to be reflocked 3 times in 12 months when my horse was off due to an injury and his musculature kept changing as he returned to work.”

Diane Doub, Chapel Hill, NC

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Competition Saddle Fit is an authorized representative for Dynamic Saddles. This truly innovative product is unlike any other saddle on the market, and in my opinion, it is the very best saddle on the market. 

Dynamic saddles are the result of more than a decade of research and development. The most innovative minds in horse training, saddle construction, and equine and human biomechanics, came together to develop what is truly a cutting-edge product.

The Dynamic tree--which is made of a dynamic polymer--forms to the shape of each horse's back under the weight of the rider. It then resumes its former shape when not in use. The dynamic nature of the tree enhances the horse's lateral flexion through the ribcage, as compared to the flanks, trasferring part of the horse's pushing power from the hind end to the lateral aspects of the body. The Dynamic tree providestrue, all-dimensional flexibility, while maintaining the structure of the saddle without it flattening or bottoming out, accepting the anatomy of the horse under the rider’s weight without requiring corrective shims or pads. Dynamic Saddles require no break-in period, so you can "Ride Better, Right Away."

If you have questions, or would like to try Dynamic Saddles, please contact Adrienne at (832) 570-7234.