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On January 26, 2019, my trainer Judy McCoy and I took a road trip to Aiken, SC, where I proudly received the the South Carolina Dressage and Combined Training Association's 2018 Year-End Award for AA Grand Prix! While my Grand Prix career with Shantal Rox is just getting underway, it was so fun to be recognized for our performance during the 2018 show season. Dressage is an amazing journey, and it's quite a privilege to be recognized for milestones along the way. I couldn't be more proud of this mare. She has overcome so much. I am grateful to have her happy and healthy, much less able to be my competition partner at this level. And...very importantly...we had reached a fairly big roadblock in our training when our Dynamic saddle first came along. Stay tuned for information about how and where you can read more about this particular aspect of our story.

Update: I am so very sad to report that, in August 2019, my beautiful Grand Prix mare, Shantal Rox, suffered a catastrophic illness and after trying all treatments available, we determined that humane euthanasia was the best option for her. It was one of the most difficult things I've ever encountered in my life, and I still miss Shantal every day. 

YES! Dynamic DOES make a jumping/close contact saddle! And it's just as fabulous as the dressage saddle! This gorgeous monoflap is made with exactly the same tree as the Dynamic dressage saddle, and the horse's love it just as much! Contact Adrienne for a trial! (443) 418-0912

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Grateful to Have Acquired Rasputin

Sometimes things are just meant to be. I wasn't really looking for another horse, and had accepted that, with the loss of my mare Shantal, I would not be doing another Grand Prix in my lifetime. But along came this amazing guy, Rasputin--2006 Hanoverian Gelding (Rascalino x Welmarchen II x Weltmeyer). Owned by a good friend who kept saying "he's your type of horse," she was so very right. I tried him and we clicked right away. We are still a very new partnership, but Rasputin (who autocorrect nicknamed "Raspberry") has tons of talent and the best character and work ethic. Look for us out showing in Texas in 2023! He really has unlimited scope and ability so it's all up to me to ride him well. 

Back to Texas! 

In May 2022, we moved back to our home State of Texas! If Covid taught us anything, it was that being closer to family is a priority. We chose my husband Sol's hometown, Houston, for our relocation. Houston is a city with everything, including a wonderful, sophisticated dressage community, some of the best trainers, farriers and vets in the world. (It also happens to be home to grandkids who we longed to be closer to!) Moving is always a big project, but moving my two geldings--senior citizen Vavite Fortuna, and Grand Prix horse Rasputin--from North Carolina to Houston was really a little nerve-wracking! But they both made the trip well, and settled in easily. 

We are happily training at Hearthstone Riding Stables in Houston, and gearing up for some competitions in the coming months. 

One of my favorite photos of Vavite Fortuna--our very first show together at Culpeper, VA. My husband, Sol, is in the background with the camera! Such a great shot!

Shantal Rox and me at the Carolina Horse Park, April 2018. We tackled our first I-2 test together, and she really nailed it! I was SO proud! What a blast. Photo Credit: High Times Photography  

Shantal Rox, Grand Prix Special

Raleigh Summer Dressage 2018

Photo Credit: High Times Photography