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YES! Dynamic DOES make a jumping/close contact saddle! And it's just as fabulous as the dressage saddle! This gorgeous monoflap is made with exactly the same tree as the Dynamic dressage saddle, and the horse's love it just as much! Contact Adrienne for a trial! (443) 418-0912

Shantal Rox and me at the Carolina Horse Park, April 2018. We tackled our first I-2 test together, and she really nailed it! I was SO proud! What a blast. Photo Credit: High Times Photography  

One of my favorite photos of Vavite Fortuna--our very first show together at Culpeper, VA. My husband, Sol, is in the background with the camera! Such a great shot!

Shantal Rox, Grand Prix Special

Raleigh Summer Dressage 2018

Photo Credit: High Times Photography


On January 26, 2019, my trainer Judy McCoy and I took a road trip to Aiken, SC, where I proudly received the the South Carolina Dressage and Combined Training Association's 2018 Year-End Award for AA Grand Prix! While my Grand Prix career with Shantal Rox is just getting underway, it was so fun to be recognized for our performance during the 2018 show season. Dressage is an amazing journey, and it's quite a privilege to be recognized for milestones along the way. I couldn't be more proud of this mare. She has overcome so much. I am grateful to have her happy and healthy, much less able to be my competition partner at this level. And...very importantly...we had reached a fairly big roadblock in our training when our Dynamic saddle first came along. Stay tuned for information about how and where you can read more about this particular aspect of our story.

Update: I am so very sad to report that, in August 2019, my beautiful Grand Prix mare, Shantal Rox, suffered a catastrophic illness and after trying all treatments available, we determined that humane euthanasia was the best option for her. It was one of the most difficult things I've ever encountered in my life, and I still miss Shantal every day. 

​​​​New Saddle Brand--Dynamic

One of the most exciting things about my work is learning about new products. In 2017, I added a new and very innovative brand of saddle--Dynamic--to the list of products I offer my customers.

In 2017, my own saddle search for my now-Grand Prix mare, Shantal Rox, led me to discover this unique product. At first, this innovative saddle took me a bit out of my comfort zone. I had to try to wrap my mind around a saddle with a tree that is so "dynamic" that it shapes and forms to virtually any horse's body under the rider's weight, eliminating the need for flocking or tree adjustments. The brilliant designer of this saddle explained the concept to me, and I was enticed to try one on my hard-to-fit very petite mare, Shantal. Since then, I've put no other saddle on Shantal's back. The Dynamic tree is so horse friendly, and the seat is so comfortable, that we've achieved new heights in our performance. In May 2018, we did our very first Grand Prix together, and in July we successfully tackled the Grand Prix Special! It was great fun! I now also ride my 17.2 Dutch gelding, Vavite Fortuna, in the very same saddle!

To read more about Dynamic Saddles, take a look at their website, We offer an excellent trial policy!


My Dutch gelding, Vavite Fortuna, (Kreator X Relie Fortuna --Flemmingh), Viv, as he is affectionately called around the barn, came to me through Canadian Olympian David Marcus. David had trained Viv's previous owner on him through I-1, and he knew that this was the sort of horse I would love to ride. It was quite a treat to sit on this big-bodied yet gentle horse when I tried him in Florida. I am very fortunate to call him mine now. I purchased him in April 2015, and since then, this horse has become the most wonderful dance partner I could have ever imagined. I've experienced a number of firsts with this charismatic horse, among them was his and my first time at Dressage at Devon in September 2016.

Our ride at Devon was a dream come true. Viv was perfect under the lights in the Dixon Oval. I was the only amateur in the class, and we missed the ribbons by 1/3 of a point! It was the most thrilling moment of my 46-year riding career! Viv also helped me earn both my USDF Bronze and Silver Medals in 2015. What a year!

In 2016, Viv and I debuted our Intermediare musical freestyle, with music custom composed for us by the amazing Gary Patterson of the UK. The music, an adaptation of songs from Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons (Jersey Boys), is so spot on. It's such fun to ride the routine, and it has been very well received in competition so far.


Our Oldenburg mare, Shantal Rox (Sandro Hit x Roxette- Don Gregory) is proof that great things come in small packages. She is 15.2 hands of power and grace, and although it is taking some time, I am learning what partnership really means by riding this mare. There's a very long story behind how a 5'8" adult amateur rider came to be the rider of this diminutive grand prix horse. I won't bore you with all of those details. Suffice it to say that Shantal Rox has become a wonderful competition partner for me, and I enjoy getting to know her a little more each day. We did our first PSG together in April 2016, and did our first I-1 in June 2016. Both were successful beyond my imagination. 

In April 2018, we did our very first I-2 test together, and then the following month it was time to tackle the big one--Grand Prix. We did our first GP in May at Lexington, Virginia. I was an amazing learning experience, and more successful than I could ever have believed! In July 2018, we competed the Grand Prix Special and received a 60%+ score! What a monster of a test that is. We still have a ton of work to do to polish up the work at the GP level, and will be out at the shows in 2019 doing just that.

Shantal, Viv and myself are currently training with Judy McCoy at her lovely Station Hill Farm in Cedar Grove, North Carolina. Judy is an experienced FEI rider who lends wonderfully creative and tactful instruction. She loves my horses, and they love her too!