Competition Saddle Fit

Pierre Renard Embroidered Designs

Highest quality custom embroidery

for the horse and rider

Adrienne is the owner of Pierre Renard and produces all embroidery personally

Dynamic Saddles

Dynamic Saddles truly represent a new era of saddle and tree construction to help you "Ride better, right away."

Adrienne rides her horses, Vavite Fortuna and Shantal Rox, in Dynamic Saddles

Spectra Therapy LaserWrap

Adrienne proudly represents Spectra Therapy Laser Wraps, and she maintains her competition horses with Spectra products

Non-invasive, drug-free, non-traumatic healing, pain therapy, injury treatment and prevention for horses, dogs, and their people

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Fager Bits​​

Innovative, quality bits from Sweden

​Adrienne rides her horses exclusively in Fager's titanium and sweet iron bits 

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Ogilvy Equestrian

​The highest quality saddle pads on the market, they are beautifully-designed to fit and last

Adrienne rides exclusively in Ogilvy pads, and Pierre Renard embroiders only on Ogilvy pads